Yoshihiro Suda

Faggionato-Yoshihiro-65203Yoshihiro Suda’s hyper-realistic depiction of nature, precise in colour, texture and size, invites reflection on the human, the natural and the artificial. His carved wooden sculptures (from magnolia wood) are actual size representations of flowers: roses, camellias, magnolias, as well as common weeds. The delicacy and fragility of Suda’s work embodies his observation ‘that a plant can only live by adapting itself to the environment when its seed is first planted in the ground’. This shares a devotion of meticulous realism with 13th century painter Ch’ien Hsuan. However, theatricality swiftly undercuts all this realism and it is the implausible presentation of these life-like sculptures – turning the everyday twigs, leaves, blossom into artificial episodes – that offer deep significance. Portraying in some works the coming to life, blossoming and death – the beauty of life framed as a spectacle or something to regard, but death is just a moment away.


Image Copyright Suda Yoshihiro, Photograph courtesy of Faggionato Ltd, London


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