Owen Griffiths

Working with a group of local volunteers, Owen Griffiths transforms a section of Dolerw Park, Newtown into a space for people to gather and as a site for biodiversity. He explores how ‘green spaces’ might offer unique social contexts and as alternative architectural spaces where multiple and parallel processes, uses and social codes are considered.

Griffiths, and the volunteers, actively create a garden site within a public environment by liberating civic control through re-wilding and wildflower seeding (in partnership with Powys County Council). Some areas are seeded and nurtured, whilst others are left to go wild. These two approaches provide examples of our connection and disconnection with shared green landscapes surrounding us and invite us to consider these spaces as classrooms, alternative public spaces and to us as rhizomatic beings (where we learn and explore ideas without boundaries).

This garden plays host to discussions, radical thought and reading, inspired by Robert Owen’s* legacy and the poetry and writing of struggle and the question of work. Please see the events page for updates to the programme of activity.

* Newtown is the birthplace of 19th century social reformer, Robert Owen.




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