Michael Boffey

'How forgiveness lets the evil make a loss' 44cms (h) x 33cms (w) x 6cms (d) Patinated bronze
Michael Boffey’s
bronze casts immortalise flowers long since gone. The manipulation and collage of common garden and shop-bought blooms, plaster, and other materials from the home environment, results in wall pieces that hover between painting and sculpture. The apparent simplicity of the final work belies a complicated process of deconstruction and reconstruction of both the original source material and the media.

The convention of casting forms in bronze has deeply rooted cultural connotations with the desire to give permanent form to important human events. Over time the patina that forms on the surface of the bronze through age and exposure parallels the passing away of particular moments of life.









Audio Description of How Forgiveness Lets The Evil Make A Loss

Michael Boffey, How Forgiveness Lets The Evil Make A Loss, 2015, Patinated Bronze










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