Jacques Nimki

Jacques-Nimki-Alien-SpeciesWorking from and within the urban landscape, Jacques Nimki mainly uses weeds and flowers as a way of exploring how we perceive others and ourselves within particular environments. Plants like people, are looked at but not seen, forgotten in the backdrop of the every day, and often inhabiting places that are usually neglected or unexplored.

All of Nimki’s works are florilegiums – the original florilegium (literally ‘flower book) is a category of books from the 17th century, where images were more significant than text. Each work responds to a specific site. Researching and ‘walking’ an area, information is collected in a deliberately unstructured way. For flora he has made new site-responsive work in and outside the gallery as well as lending existing painting and drawings.


Image: Jacques Nimki, The Maldwyn Florilegium / Alien Species, Mirrored steel, 2015

Courtesy the artist




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