Emma Bennett

painting on canvas by Emma Bennett

Emma Bennett’s paintings offer us exquisitely rendered bowls of fruit, garlands of flowers and flowing fabric that hover curiously within an undefined black space.

The artist draws us back in time through her reference to, and likeness of, flora and fauna represented in Dutch, Flemish and Italian still life painting from the 17th century onward (referenced through reproductions of such paintings). Her works portray flowers and fruit often at their optimum and perfect in every way – no blemishes or deterioration. Even when burning flames lick up against the other objects they appear untainted.

Bennett is interested in the human desire to make permanent things that will inevitably decay or be transformed over time. Her paintings raise questions around the temporary nature of imagery, memory and the effect that time has on consciousness.


Audio Description of All, All and All

Image: Emma Bennett, All All and All, oil and french enamel on canvas, 2012

Courtesy the artist and Charlie Smith London. Photo by Peter Abrahams.

Private Collection








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