Clare Twomey

IMG_2330Working sculpturally through clay, Clare Twomey creates significant and compelling installations to make connections with and respond to social and historical contexts. Her installations are a point of departure for ideas that often only exist for a short time and often disappear or perish over the course of an exhibition period.

For flora she presents Memento a sea of 2000 beautifully-crafted ceramic flower heads that flow within and through the gallery space. At each site the artist invites visitors to write or draw upon a card, leaving a story, poem, recollection or thought that conveys an association with their memory of flowers. This is exchanged for one of the flowers and left as a marker where the flower once sat. Like seeds, these flowers will be dispersed far and wide and offer and each individual contribution marking the different meanings, connections and relationships we have with flowers.


Image: Clare Twomey, Memento, 2015





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