Anne-Mie Melis

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Anne-Mie Melis visually explores our experiences of nature. Her practice considers the complex relationships between humans and the land focusing on both outwardly facing concerns as well as drilling down into the specifics of an organism. Here, she explores the visual nature of plants, their components and organisms in an increasingly technology-infiltrated world.

Her large-scale drawings and smaller graph drawings are embedded in the tradition of botany, but a contemporary visual language is used. Plants and flowers, traditional icons of beauty, are dissected and reassembled to create virtual organisms referring to remnants of a future nature. Playful, but also disturbing, her work falls somewhere between science and art, between natural creation and interference. She ignites our senses and questions the interaction between our current environment, the engineering of nature and our changing climate.

Morph III (detail1)







Top Image: Watch My Garden Grow (type I), drawing on graph paper, 2015. Courtesy the artist.

Bottom Image: Morphogenesis III (detail), Pencil, coloured pencil and correction fluid, 2015. Courtesy the artist.


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