Artist in Residence – Caroline Dear – Bulletin #6

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I was pleased with the different elements of the exhibition and how it all worked out. I didn’t get enough shoes made for the different habitats I had been thinking about but did manage to make enough work for the whole exhibition to stand as a reflection of my residency at Llantarnam Grange Art Centre.

The work in the exhibition consisted of;

Two and half pairs of shoes:-

i) St.Dial’s slippers – meadow habitat in Cwmbran

ii) Llantarnam Grange loafers – from plants close to the art centre (managed landscape)

iii) Blaenavon boot – moorland habitat reclaimed coal heap

2. Three hanging plants which illustrate each of the three habitats selected

I enjoy showing plants in this way, hanging, moving with the breeze and highlighting their individual delicacy and distinctive qualities

CDear exhib 3plants

3. Cwmbran shopping trolley full of gathered plants

These are the plants that I didn’t use and are from a rich variety of habitats around Cwmbran, they are identified on the ‘price list’

4. Display wall which shows a map of Cwmbran along with my experiments and developments over the residency, including photographs from the selected habitats and images from around Cwmbran

5. Plinth with the hand lenses and plants – These are set out ready to observe closely, as they were during my residency

CDear exhib demo wall

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