Artist in Residence – Caroline Dear – Bulletin #4

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It is great to be back in Cwmbran at the Llantarnam Grange Art Centre. I arrived back in on Saturday to find a collection of gifts on the table in the exhibition space where I am working. Some beautiful plants which I will try and incorporate into what I am making – On Saturday I helped out with the children’s workshops teaching rope making using rushes and making them reed pens from the reeds I had got from the Boating Lake in Cwmbran.

Exhibition Space at Llantarnam

Exhibition Space at Llantarnam


Over the weekend, in pouring rain and bitter wind, I have gathered materials from a woodland habitat in Cwmbran and an upland habitat in Blaenavon. This is to give time to let them dry before I use them.

I have finalised and resolved some ideas for the exhibition, but there is a lot  still to think about and balance. For the exhibition I will make a series of, possibly five if I have the time, pairs of shoes made using plants gathered from a range of contrasting habitats all close to or in Cwmbran.

For each pair of shoes I need to resolve:

  • the design; this is influenced by the research referencing a number of different sources through time, local sources etc.
  • the place chosen and the type of habitat that this represents
  • a title or name for each reflecting the location
  • the materials which are available and that I can work with for that place
  • the techniques which I will use; balancing the material available, the design and timescale

I am trying to get a good mix for  the overall series of shoes. I would like to: show a range of habitats, use a mixture of materials and techniques as well as referencing different basic types of shoe and periods in history.

CDear boot shop Blaenavon

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