Artist in Residence – Caroline Dear – Bulletin #1

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Bulletin #1

I am now in Cwmbran after a 24 hour journey down from the Isle of Skye on Friday. I am settling in to Llantarnam Grange Art Centre where I’ll be resident both physically in person and virtually for the next four weeks.

IMG_1695 IMG_1690









I am thinking about –

  • how we, as humans, interact with plants, both consciously and unconsciously
  • the layers in the landscape with human industry dominating, balanced with the plant landscape dominating and how these two opposites alternate and flow and are linked
  • the balance between man-made and plant-made

Initial images from Cwmbran –

  • desire line outside Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre – Desire line is the term given to lines which form in the landscape as a result of humans making a path where there is no planned path
  • plant maintenance – How we manage plants and corral them to our wishes
  • flower/sweet wrapper – it is only when you look closely you realise it is a sweet wrapper, does it matter?
  • trolley and moss – beautiful green moss growing on a bare red brick wall, Cwmbran is apparently known as ‘trolley ville’, there are a lot of trolleys around
  • plant material 16.01.16 – Each day I will gather some plant material from around Cwmbran, whatever I notice and is in excess, this is some gathered on Saturday morning not far from the Art centre, lovely long thin flexible twigs lying on the ground….


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